TRS Recovery Services Scams Me? I Paid Them, They Deny It

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TRS Recovery Services Scams Me? I Paid Them, They Deny It

Postby 1157 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:40 pm

I will make this as brief as possible -

A few months ago, I accidentally bounced a check for several thousand. The day after the purchase, I called the merchant and explained the situation and tried to return the product. The merchant said they wouldn't take it back (?) and that the bounced check would be handed over to Telecheck / TRS Recovery Services.

Fast forward, TRS gets in touch with me about the amount I owe, I send them a cashier's check (with their name written on it so it couldnt be modified or washed) for the amount and sent it via certified mail. I track it and see that it was received - call them to make sure that they received it, they said yes, it will just have to be processed. I requested a receipt for the amount I owed and asked them to confirm that it was paid in full.

A month passes, no receipt. I call several times and leave messages for them to return my call and also send me a receipt that I am all paid up. Fast forward another month, still no receipt. I get a call from TRS Investigations telling me I have an outstanding balance that I need to clear - the balance is the full amount I owed previously. I keep calling them to let them know that the payment was sent AND cashed (I called the bank to verify) -- they continue to call and tell me that I have an outstanding balance that needs to be resolved before the new year / sent to third party collections.

Is TRS Recovery Services trying to scam me? Anyone else had to deal with them before? I have taken all the necessary steps to make sure it was paid in full. I'm frustrated, I'm still not even sure what it is that they do or what type of third party its being sent to. I'm not paying them twice. My biggest fear is jail time over something that was taken care of months ago.

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Postby requiredfield » Mon Jan 02, 2012 4:13 am

I have no experience with these (cashiers checks) but did do some research on them. If your bank can tell you it's been cashed, they should be able to tell you were it went. The post office should also have a record of who signed for it.

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