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Re: Powerball

Postby dickey1331 » Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:07 am

Vattené wrote:I had never heard of that before - and it is an interesting phenomenon - but as CarefulBuilder said I just meant it as an illustrative example. Use coin flipping instead, if you wish.

It's certainly possible (and rare) to flip a coin four times and get four consecutive tails. Because each flip is an independent event, the fact that you flipped tails four times has no impact on the fifth time you flip the coin. The probability of flipping and getting tails that fifth time is still 50%.

Very true. Speaking of flipping a coin though. Scientist have been able to get a coin to land the same way every single time. They made this machine that flipped the coin a certain way to it always landed on heads for example. I thought that was pretty interesting.
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