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The Points Guy

Postby ingramjuan » Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:30 pm

I've been following the points guy on YouTube ( as I learn more about rewards and taking full advantage of my cc. What are your thoughts on the points guy and do you find his information accurate?
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Re: The Points Guy

Postby rockyrock » Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:53 am

I've been following TPG for a few years now and find the info pretty valuable. I use the app in case I'm in doubt on which card works best or so I don't have to remember rotating categories.

One thing you really have to remember is that his point valuations assume you will have the time, energy and opportunity to maximize utilization. Points are only worth what you can practically use them for. For example, a 50% transfer bonus to Virgin Air is a great deal but if you never fly Virgin or they don't serve your area then it is useless.

Knowing all that, I find his valuation of hotel and airline points to be most helpful as I don't transfer out of those accounts. Those are pretty straight forward while UR, MR, TY, etc. are very subjective.

And remember he does get paid by the issuers and it is a business for him. I've noticed sometimes when he is reviewing the "best" cards to use for XXXX, the pool of cards may be all from sponsors and others may not be in the running.

As always, YMMV!
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