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credit cards, shopping & storage of info

Postby whit » Mon Dec 22, 2014 3:12 pm

how much is too much? especially in light of security breaches over the past year..

I remember a few years ago, during my short stint at the gap, what a great thing it was that people could just come in with their cc that they paid stuff for on, and return the said stuff, without receipt. or if you were to return items with receipt, you wouldn't have to swipe your card again because it automatically goes back

nowadays (think google ads from sites you just visited) it's a bit more extreme

like at first, I randomly popped into bloomingdales, a places I don't normally shop, have no loyalist or whatever and made sure the lady didn't sign me up..and when I swiped my card to pay and ONLY my card, none of my info given including my email..

a few moments later I get an e-receipt!

the only way I can think that would have happened is if they connected my card to my email which was used once, a while back, to purchase something from them..

this time this purchase was a small gift for my sister

last time was probably something similar

but I'm just amazed because any time I shop online (actually my main way of purchasing) I never ever have my card number saved onto any site, and always try to sign out as a guest unless I frequent it often, but I don't with they have my info stored and saved even though I am very infrequent, shopper, with them.

just wonder what everyone else thinks?

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