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Postby Vattené » Thu Sep 18, 2014 8:09 pm

That is a good attitude to have. If you go into it expecting things like that to be just another cost of ownership I am sure it is not as bad psychologically.

Hopefully I didn't come off like I was fishing then, but thank you! It certainly helped that I had a couple years of history under my belt by the time i realized how beneficial having a prime card with a rewards structure could be. I am thinking the chrome may be better suited for me what with 2% back on gas and restaurants. Those are my biggest categories that would ever qualify for a bonus (I won't hold my breath on Walmart ever being in a category) - and 2% for a year is better than 5% for a quarter.

No one could blame you for supporting the companies you like. Consumers have enormous collective power over companies if they would just use it and not put up with it when they don't like them. I know they haven't treated you the best, but that is why I have been so loyal to Discover over these last few months. But I might as well give American Express a shot. I may find I like them much better.
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