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Postby MemberSince99 » Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:33 am

Yeah I know, they win because it's not worth it to people to fight them. I know damn well they won't give me anything back from my deposit. I'm not leaving my new address with them - when they want to make stuff up to sue me for I'm sure they'll find it. Then the court fun starts. I'm waiting for that.

Otherwise, screw them.

As far as homeowners associations go, I don't have one, fortunately. I'd heard about what kind of fascists these people are and told my real estate agent I am not interested in any home with one of those. Who do these Nazis think they are to act like THEY own my home instead of me? I might as well keep paying the landlord in that case because I'll still be paying dearly to have someone tell me how I can and can't live. How ridiculous can you get.

So no homeowner's association but with the city, you don't need one. I was told by a neighbor that you can't park your vehicle on the city street overnight without a permit which they just happen to charge you for. Imagine that. Another source of revenue for them. I'm surprised you can even park on your parking slab to be honest, that will be next. If they can't bilk the poor people of this country just trying to make a living out of every penny they work for to give the money to the "good" terrorists and the illegals, this government just isn't happy. Oh well that's another story, I'm just going to enjoy the home for now!

And by the way it may be liberal but Republicans run it now, and what they've done is shoot the deficit through the roof (projected at 1.8 billion for 2017 now), help erode unions and give long term unemployment that won't go away. The economy isn't any better for them being in charge I don't think it really matters which of the two parties is in power it's like it's one party. And both of them are corrupt and run by the special interests which buy them. It really doesn't matter so far as I can tell that's why I don't bother to vote.

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