Where can I find the Ross credit card application?

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Where can I find the Ross credit card application?

Postby 1fearless » Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:59 pm

I shop at Ross stores frequently and if there is a credit card offer by them I would like to take it up if it has rewards and average credit is sufficient to get it. When I searched for the Ross credit card I was not able to find it and the Ross website does not have much information.

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Postby nuffsaid » Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:12 am

I used to shop at Ross stores all the time but the past several years I have found it impossible to get my sizes. Does the Pasadena location have a better selection of sizes? The locations I go to have plenty of XL and above but for those of us that are a normal girth and height the sizes are few and far between.

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