CareCredit Card from GE Capital Retail Bank

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CareCredit Card from GE Capital Retail Bank

Postby dragon452 » Sat May 03, 2014 2:05 pm

Since this forum deals with "other/miscellaneous" credit cards, I'd like to discuss the "CareCredit" card from GE Capital Retail Bank, with people who are considering getting one. It is a predetermined line of credit given by GECRB (it could be $1,000.00 worth or $10,000.00 worth), and you use it at participating Doctors, Dentists, Healthcare facilities, etc. as a charge card for their fees. You usually get a deferred interest deal at 0% financing for one or two years IF you make a monthly payment (you cannot pay for "three months" worth for a statement period, and skip the next two months). But beware of this: This credit account involves NO protection for the customer as far as any kind of dispute, or fraud. You tell the provider to charge Carecredit, Carecredit pays the provider, AND THAT'S IT. GECRB will not hear your stories of work improperly done that you don't want to pay for, paying up front for a procedure which was not done and you want a refund, false charges, extraneous charges, etc. etc. etc. THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM WITH THE PROVIDER, period, end of story. I discovered this out early after getting an account with them, when I needed to get a full refund after paying in full and in advance for a minor procedure I had to put off for a later time. Thankfully, my provider was honest and refunded my money (after two months) by having GECRB issue a credit. But GECRB/CareCredit will not assist you with any disputes. Think about this every time you use that card to charge a medical procedure. Thank you.

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