Is always hard to upgrade Walmart to Walmart Discover?

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Is always hard to upgrade Walmart to Walmart Discover?

Postby Thekid » Sat Sep 28, 2013 10:20 pm

First at all, English is not my language, so I apologize if you guys find spelling mistakes. I am sure that you will get the central idea ;) ...

Well, I never expected that getting an upgrade from Walmart store to Walmart Discover would be so frustrating! I have been looking for it several times without success. Without having clear what I was doing, I made a mistake and applied for this card and got the store card a couple of years ago. I have used it EVERY single month, and paid it off every time. No late payments, no carrying balances. I currently have 5 cards, and refuse to add more, because I dont need it. In fact, I would be happy going back to 3-4. When I realized that, I gave myself the task of improving the quality of my cards. Because I have been very responsible, I obtained the upgrade Macy Red Card to Macy AMEX. Even the controversial CapitalOne changed my Platinum to QuickSilver. Also, I have obtained CLI.
Since I dont have Discover cards, the most reasonable idea was to convert my Walmart to Discover. Every month I receive pre-approved mail offer from Discover-it, which is 100% better, but remember, I dont think I need to add more accounts to my CreditReport. But what I never expected, was that Walmart would play hard with me, despite the concessions (deserved) of all other banks. Furthermore, the personnel through the phone has been very rude and cold. The worst CS I have been dealing with. Last time I called, I asked "I was wondering if I could be UPGRADED to Discover, since I've heard that it's possible" and the lady interrupted me "No, it's not possible. We are the ones who decide who we update, and here I see that you do not qualify. Next year, we will check our customers again". Oh, I understand. In what month does Walmart do the review? "I dont know Sr, it's in a different month every year. Do you have any other question?". I was really astonished. No other bank had treated me so cold and hurry, and this was the second time, and hopefully the last. This is a long-standing account, but I decided to put the Walmart store card in my "refrigerator". I am very angry with them. :mad: Do you understand my point? Did it happen to someone else? Thank you guys!

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Postby Terry » Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:42 am

Last year I upgraded my Walmart Charge to a Walmart Discover after making repeated calls to get that accomplished. Soon thereafter, I discover that they did not upgrade the account as promised, they simply sent me the new card which showed up on the credit report as a new tradeline. Therefore, my credit report got hit for a new account and that affected my average age of account. Since then, I closed the Walmart Discover and a I am now enjoying a much lower interest rate and a 5% bonus every quarter with a real Discover Card. You would probably be better off keeping the charge card and applying for the IT.
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