Best Buy Credit Card? Know This Before You Apply!

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Postby MemberSince99 » Sun May 19, 2013 8:20 am

Complete wrote:On 4/24/13, I received a collect call from Best Buy Master Card stating that I was late in payments.

I was surprised because I pay off this card on 10/25/12 (6 months ago) and I just make a transaction (school payment) on 4/20/13 (4 days ago) for $300.00. The agent tall me, after verifying my account that the reason I was delinquent was because the bank charged me $49.00 annual fee plus $25 late fee and $2.33 interest.

I call costumer service to clarify the charges and closed my account. After an argument with the agent, he tall me "you I agreed to the conditions when you made the transaction" I was never told about the annual fee.

I am disputing these absurd charges on grounds of misrepresentation and improper disclosure; I was not aware of this annual fee, when I open this card (in best buy) I was lured for a 5% discount on my purchase, I was never told of an annual fee, and I don't have any records of it.

To make things worse, after I explain this to the agent, it was clear to me that he dint care! So, I am reporting them to every agency possible, and I closed all my accounts with CAPITAL ONE. They may take $76.33 from me, but I will burn them, and they lost a customer and my family for life. Actually, I am closing all credit cards! I learn my lesson!

I understand where you are coming from here, you feel they didn't tell you about this, and they probably didn't.

The thing is, that agent doesn't care. And by doing that, you will hurt your own credit. What you need to do is contact Cap One's executive office, and ask them to waive it and set things right for you, and remove the late/collection from your account or whatever. Letting this escalate is only going to hurt you in the end. You probably could have had a decent resolution to this by going that route.

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Postby CreditorPredator » Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:46 pm

im_mr_awesome wrote:Best buy used to tell people they were applying for the Best Buy Reward Zone MasterCard, which didn't have an annual fee. If your credit wasn't to their liking, they would bump you down to the RZ MasterCard that DOES have an annual fee. This should be in the credit card pamphlet they give out. I went for the normal store financing card, as there is no annual fee and at the time the financing offers weren't available on the reward zone mastercard.

They definitely tried to pull the bait-and-switch on me. I tried to apply for their no annual fee store credit card online, then a screen came up that "sorry, we can't approve you for that, would you be interested in our $59 per year annual fee card instead? I of course clicked on "No Thanks".

I applied for a Target store credit card instead. Target has a large electronics section as well, along with other things that Best Buy doesn't have, such as groceries and miscellany things. And the Red Zone Target card has a 5% discount on all purchases, which is better than Best Buy's frankly.

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Best Buy Reward Zone Credit Card

Postby lainey » Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:25 pm

Wow, It's crazy how many negative reviews are on here. We haven't had any problems (thank the stars)....And I was never told about any other kind of Best Buy card.

My husband financed our smart tv on no interest for 24 months a couple of years ago....I don't know how much he was approved for; but he paid it off on time, no interest, and no fees. AND it is good on your credit. He already had good credit though. I was building my credit at the time, so we didn't add me.

Today I went in to by him a tv and figured I'd go for credit to help along with my now good credit score (I was an EXCELLENT score). I was instantly approved for $2,800 with no annual fee. I have 18 months no interest (if I had spent $50 more it would have been 24 months). I think this a great way to boost your credit a little. I did the same thing with a Kohl's card when my credit wasn't as good, and I was approved for $500...But I paid it off in two months and closed the card and it pushed my numbers way up.

I say, get the card, pay it off on time so you have no interest....Then it's a positive thing.

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Postby lainey » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:47 am

that was supposed to say I want an excellent credit score.

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Stacked 0% interests

Postby Nader » Fri Jul 19, 2013 1:04 pm

Hey all I just had a question as I haven't seen it discussed yet within the thread:

I currently have 4 balances under my BB card:
-One being a standard purchase (odds and ends stacked up)
-One is a six month no interest purchase (purchased a speaker system in February)
-Two are 18 month no interest purchases (one from Christmas for an iPad and the latest from the beginning of the month to get my parents another fridge since theirs busted out)

Now I am always given the $25 minimum payment option but consistently made $40-$100 payments since buying the iPad since the beginning of this year.

My problem is that the six month purchase is coming to and end and ever since I bought it in February the balance has gone from around $170 to a crummy $132. Now best buy is saying either I pay that off by the 5th of next month or they will charge me around $18 in deferred interest. Meanwhile, the fridge that I just purchased is already about halfway paid off!

What the heck! I inferred that my payments would go in larger percentages toward more senior purchases and with a lesser percentage toward the new ones.

Now, there is no option on the website or in the store to choose where to put what money on which purchase as far as I could see or find. And so I was wondering how I could pay them let's say $150 and have it pay off the balance of the speakers with the rest going to whatever they (seemingly) randomly put to the other promotions I still owe on.

Anyone have specifics on this? Sorry about the length but I wanted to be as detailed as possible.

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Best Buy Credit card is the worst experince

Postby rajn » Wed May 07, 2014 7:53 pm

They send out a pre verified card and I did not recieve the card, So i am not able to login/setup online account. I am not comfortable paying on the phone. So i had to pay in the store. When i was out of the country they would charge late fee and report to credit reporting which screws me up. WORST EXPERIENCE after calling them to ask to get this reporting off my credit, they say it was not the error in their system.

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