Amazon Store Card Has Misleading Offers

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Amazon Store Card Has Misleading Offers

Postby PopiLopi » Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:09 am

Around mid May my brother and I used my Amazon store card to buy a kindle fire as a Sweet 16 present for our cousin. They offer 0% APR on orders over $149, which was great because that means I didn't have to pay the whole bill until my brother pays me back his part.

A few days after the order, I got something else for myself for about $25 and also charged it on the card. When I received the bill for $225 I paid $125, assuming I was paying $100 on the promotional balance and $25 for the other purchase.

Yesterday I received my bill and they're charging me $1.50 in finance charges because they applied the whole $125 towards the promo purchase and the interest is for the $25 purchase. It says that the real interest is $0.34 but the minimum they charge is $1.50...

It's a little bit of my fault because my brother gave me his part about a week ago and I just didn't pay it right away thinking it didn't matter, but it's also very misleading that the store card from Amazon offers you a 0% APR on a balance but then charge you interest on regular purchases which you are thinking you are paying in full.

I tried to contact customer service but they just don't answer.
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