Help! Put wrong Social Security number on credit application

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Help! Put wrong Social Security number on credit application

Postby tigerhunt2011 » Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:03 pm

I have a secured BofA Alaska Airlines Visa with a $500 secured CL. I'm 19, opened the card in July. So in January, right around my birthday, I was in Express and got excited and decided to apply for their store credit card because I'm a VERY frequent Express shopper and I wanted to expand my total avail. credit and I know retail cards are easier to get. I never carry a balance, so the 25% APR didn't scare me off.

When I filled out the application, I put down my social security but after it was processed, I realized I put down the wrong numbers for the first three. It was no mal-intent on my part, I was just hasty. But by the time I realized it, the associate had already processed the application and it was approved.

Fast forward to March, I checked my credit reports from the three bureaus, and Experian and Equifax both saw the inquiry, and they see the card on my account, DESPITE the incorrect first three numbers on the social form when I applied for the card. TransUnion however is giving me trouble.

I discovered TransUnion was screwy when I was applying for CreditSecure from AmericanExpress, which monitors your credit and lets you see your scores. I applied online and got an error message saying it "couldn't verify my identity, call this number, blah blah blah". So I called the number, spoke to an agent, and they pin-pointed it to a TransUnion problem. The agent have me the TransUnion consumer line, so I called TransUnion.

TransUnion was COMPLETELY unhelpful! They said everything was in check and there were no problems. Yet when I try to sign up for CreditSecure AND Check my credit directly through TransUnion online, there is a problem.

The social needs to be corrected on the card, so I contacted WFNNB, the bank that issues the card. Not much help there. They said I need to send in proof of my social through snail mail in order to change it. I'm a tad weary of FedEx-ing a copy of my passport. But I will if i need to.

My questions to you are

  1. Should I securely submit the proof of social to WFNB to change it, or just cancel the card? I will have 1 yr of credit history in July (I'm 19).
  2. If the first three numbers were wrong, how does it still show on my Ex & Eq?
  3. With the first three numbers wrong, even though it's showing on my Ex & Eq, is it still reporting the balances/limits?
And the reason I haven't acted yet is because I'm in college 4 hours from home and my social security documents are in secured storage in my hometown.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks and sorry about the novel...
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Postby Money card » Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:54 pm

Have you told transunion that you want to sign up for credit secure through them? or did you explain to transunion that you accidentally put down the wrong 3 numbers of your social security when applying for a Express store card?

sometimes when you call a couple of times for the same question you get different answers from different account mgrs.

This is what I would do If I were you.

I would call transunion again tell them that you accidentally put down the wrong 3 numbers of your social security number when you applied for that card. Tell them that you want the credit secure through them and nothing is working because the secure site wont let you online because your social security doesn't match.

Since your college is 4 hours from home is there any chance your parents can help out?

I agree with you never put your social security card in the mail. Don't even make copies and send it through the mail.

Could you go back to the store and tell them what happened and see if a salesperson can contact all 3 credit bureaus, straighten this out?

  1. I wouldn't cancel the card I would let Express handle the situation.
  2. I will assume the first 3 numbers are no big deal, but I understand where you're coming from every number in your social security has to match not sure. why those 2 companies still show up.
  3. I will say yes , but make sure everthing is ok when you get a chance go through both reports, make sure it doesn't say wrong social security number on both reports this would lower your score. Make sure everything reports the way it's suppose to be.
Since your social security documents are in your home town does your home town have a Express store? would your father be allowed to go to your home town store with your social security number and explain the situation, explain that you're 4 hours away in college and what happened?

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Postby JCarter » Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:23 pm

tigerhunt2011 wrote:Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks and sorry about the novel...

I would fedex the passport copy, it really isn't too much of a risk. It'll get it fixed pretty easily.

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