Macy's credit card review anybody?

Where you can talk about store credit cards, like gas station cards, department store cards, etc.
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meester kneel
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Postby meester kneel » Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:57 am

One thing I don't like about my Macy's card is that you have to call them to find out what your credit limit is. It's not on your online acct or on your bill.

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Postby JL70 » Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:40 pm

meester kneel wrote:One thing I don't like about my Macy's card is that you have to call them to find out what your credit limit is. It's not on your online acct or on your bill.

You are right, and it seems odd to me. They don't even report the CL to the CA's, I requested that to be shown and they said they are passing all the info to all the reporting agencies, but is not showing on any of my credit reports. In my case this brings my total CL's down and my UTI is skewed. I would like to know why the dont report the CL.

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Postby alsteig » Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:23 am

Wow Morsel1993, a little defensive about your credit card are you? Please keep in mind it is a known fact that store credit cards are more attainable by people with poor credit. Most people want a card that gives cash back, not coupons. From the sound of your post I can guess your credit score, low 600's??

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Postby JL70 » Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:31 pm

Well, to be fair, KC95's post was a little on the harsh side too;

KC95 wrote:the only point of having a store credit card is if you're trying to build up your credit record and can't qualify for a normal credit card. other than that store credit cards are an outdated fad! the reason people had them decades ago was because there was no such thing as universal charge cards that could be used everywhere. now that there are what's the point of a stupid macy's card?!

and Morsel was deffending from his uncalled and off-topic attack. I still keep my Macy's that I opened back in 2003 (it was still Goldsmith's) when I was building credit, eventhough my scores now are in the mid 700's. And thanks to this card I could jump to others. So store cards have a thumbup from me for helping people to start building credit.
Then is up to you if you use them or not, it's a free world, no?

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Postby websteth » Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:43 am

I agree with Morsel1993. I have excellent credit and I still keep my Macy's card. As a holder, you do get the additional coupons that I do use throughout the year. I think if you use the perks, it's not an issue to have the card. Now, I applied for the Macy's card after having several other cards on my record simply for the extra discounts you get at Macy's. Just my $0.02.
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Postby diogenes » Thu May 08, 2014 1:20 pm

We are from Massachusetts. We have the rewards store credit card (don't know what level), but my wife paid a fee for a "higher" level of benefits. Macy's offers an automatic payment option for paying the store credit account. But when we try to use this feature we get the following message:

"A payment date in the future is not permitted for residents of Massachusetts. Please submit a payment using today's date."
I could get no reason why and no satisfaction from customer service. It means we can not depend on an automatic system to pay our bill on time. All the other credit arrangements I have here in Massachusetts offer, and we use, such automatic monthly payment options.

Can anyone shed any light on this very annoying and discriminatory practice?

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Postby marlonbishop » Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:17 am

the card is good though i didn't get the amex right away. it is still a good card and easy to use. as long as you pay the full banace at the end, because the 24% apr is not pretty.
let me know if you have another question.
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Postby emduken » Tue Sep 02, 2014 11:21 am

Oily wrote:I opened a Macy's credit card on August, 2010. My credit limit was only $300.00. Today on September 21, 2010 I called Macy's, and ask if i'm eligible for an increase. I didn't ask how much I want for an increase, but they increase it to $1000.00. I'm surprise, that they increase me more than half of my original limit. No complaints about that. I love shopping at Macy's, even though the apr is 24.50% but I always pay full each month so I won't get charge alot of interest. Oh by the way, I used to messed up my credit and that's why my credit limit was $300.00. My credit score is getting better by months. :-)

When they mailed my card, it's was the elite card, which was pretty strange, because I'm suppose to get the red card first. I called Macy's and they told me that I used to have a Macy's credit card with them back in 2006, and because I spend and pay more than 2k in two months.

Funny, I've held onto a $100 credit limit for the Macy's retail credit card (one of my firsts) and never inquired to have an increase in fear that my FICO score then (fluctuated from 600-650 until 2010, due to poor choices during college years) would affect their decisions. Having such a low credit limit always had me max out the card; interestingly, I was sometimes able to charge a little higher than the credit limit (most was ~$165, single transaction), but paid it off quickly in fear of APR and possible overage charges.

Early last year, while working on getting my credit score up (FICO 690~), I mustered up courage and just asked for the highest increase... and got bumped up to $1500 :cool: Definitely help get me over the FICO 700 mark, too, since increased my ACL. Recently had an automatic increase, and looking forward to bumping up other CLs for my other cards.

Also, I'm always hesitant about changing from retail to general purpose credit cards; it's very alluring, but many are bait-and-switching; I was offered to 'upgrade' to a Macy's VISA, but was informed that the previous account will be closed in lieu of the new account--big "N-O" in my book, since it's one of the few cards I have with a lengthy account history.
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