American Eagle Credit Card? Read This Review First!

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American Eagle Credit Card? Read This Review First!

Postby CreditCardGirl » Mon Sep 14, 2015 8:40 am

I looked over the American Eagle credit card application… here’s what I found about what this card does and doesn’t offer in 2015.

American Eagle Outfitters definitely gives Abercrombie a run for their money! I mean, they are basically the same style of clothes that A&F sells but for half the price! Since I shop at American Eagle so much, I decided to check out their credit card. Here are some things you will want to know before you apply.

There’s actually two different cards they offer...
  • American Eagle store card: Their regular is your typical store credit card… that means it can only be used for purchases at American Eagle or their sister store, aerie. Purchase can be made either in-store or on their website.
  • American Eagle Visa card: The Visa is a regular credit card… so it can be used at American Eagle clothing stores, Aerie, and you can use it anywhere/everywhere that accepts Visa.
By the way if you are NOT applying at AE, the card will be the same but a different design. For example you will get the Aerie credit card if you apply at an Aerie store.

The Pros and Cons?

Annual Fee
Neither card has an annual fee and obviously that's a benefit.

Rewards Program
This of course is the main motivation to apply for a credit card, right? The points program on these credit cards are a bit confusing at first glance:

  • 1 "Extra Savings" point earned for every $25 spent at AE, Aerie, 77kids
  • 1 "Extra Savings" point earned for every $100 spent elsewhere (Visa card only)
Every 10 of these accumulated points = $10 coupon you can use at their stores. If you do the math that means 4% rewards at AE stores and 1% for spending elsewhere.

This would actually be pretty good except there's one big drawback, did you catch it? Unlike most credit cards which award points on a per $1 basis, with these cards they dole them out for spending increments of $25 and $100. That might make the process of accumulating points slower, since if you spent, say only $20 this month at AE, that would not have been enough by itself to earn 1 point.

Interest Rate
The card is issued/managed by GE Capital Retail Bank (they issue a lot of store cards). And not surprisingly, APR is high at 23.99% for the American Eagle Visa and 24.99%. Or at least that's what the interest rates were at the time of this credit card review.

Translation? Don't shoot yourself in the foot by only making the minimum payment and carrying a balance, because these rates are high! If you do that then the AE credit card is definitely not worth it!

Customer Service
Although I don’t have this credit card myself, I looked online at complaint boards and forums… reportedly there are some people that feel they have very poor customer service. But in all fairness, it's rare for a store card to have a stellar customer service reputation, so I wouldn't hold this against them because it's nothing unusual.

Aside from the rewards, there other coupons given out. The first is the 20% off birthday coupon. There are also "saving events 4 times a year" but the American Eagle credit card application is vague on what that is exactly (my guess is it means you get a couple/sale 4x per year).

As with most store cards there's the typical 15% off first purchase. But how much are you spending on the first day? Think about... if you spent $200 that's only a $30 discount. Not very impressive when there are other credit cards with much bigger signup promotions.

Should You Get One In 2015 or Not?

If you buy pretty much everything at American Eagle, then it may be worth it for the coupons. However you can signup for the AE mailing list and get some pretty good offers that way too. Really the main reason to apply for American Eagle's Visa or store card is for credit building purposes - since obviously - the credit score/history requirements for approval are not going to be super strict since it's aimed at young adults.

How To Get 5% Cashback at American Eagle With a Different Card?
Discover is one of this site’s sponsors and they have a killer rewards program that allows Discover cardholders to save at American Eagle two different ways:

Those are just a few of the many, many stores they have in their online shopping program! However you need to get a Discover card to use it.

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