Thoughts on this Credit Card Combination/Strategy?

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Postby freyj6 » Fri May 23, 2014 3:55 am

timhansel01 wrote:Is there any place where I could find a comprehensive guide to CC combination and strategies? Sometimes I feel like my son playing with his magic the gathering cards, just trying to find the right combo to win... or go to Japan for the summer!

Thanks for the info!

It's a pretty deep rabbit hole trying to maximize this stuff -- one that I didn't expect to go so far down. To be honest, unless you find this stuff interesting and get into it, I'd just pick an easy set up and go with it.

1. Get a good grocery/restaurant/gas card depending on what your spending is like. Sallie Mae for groceries if you spend less than ~$4500 a year, BCP if you spend up to $6000, and both if you spend more than that. Old Blue Cash card if you spend a huge amount. AMEX Everyday Preferred beats all of the above if you can get high value out of MR points (1.5+).

For restaurants, US Bank Cash + is best for the first $2000 you spend. If you spend up to around $3000, combine it with Chase Freedom and use it for the quarter that it's 5%. If you spend a lot more, get CSP too.

2. Get a good uncategorized spending card. Barclaycard Arrival is the easiest, but CSP, Fidelity AMEX and Everyday Preferred can be better.

3. If you spend at office supply stores, get one of Chase's Ink cards. Most other categories can be covered by Freedom, Discover IT or USBank Cash+.

Honestly that's pretty much it for 90% of people. If you make hundreds of thousands of dollars, things change. And if you want to get into churning, manufactured spending and other crazy deals, it goes a lot deeper. In my opinion, diminishing returns get pretty heavy after you've done the stuff above... just depends whether you find this stuff fun.
Current Strategy

Chase Freedom + Discover IT + Churning

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Postby corwel87 » Thu May 29, 2014 11:38 am

I have two credit cards I use for travel. I use the Travelocity Rewards American Express Card and My Barclays Arrival plus World Elite Master card. I can use these cards for any airline at any time. I know when I use my travelocity card it is only for travelocity purchases, but my Arrival card can be used on any trip or "travel" expenses with my points. I don't understand the appeal for using United airlines credit cards or Delta sky miles or any other miles program from an airline. Unless your a wealthy individual who doesn't care about spending an extra 100 dollars or whatever negligable amount to pay extra to get the flight you want to obtain your points. I can't really justify getting those sorts of credit cards. My Barclays arrival card can redeem points for any flight or travel purchases. I have been flying quite a bit this year and honestly the rates and cost of flights change from airline to airline where its not cost effective to be a member of one specific airline.

What are your thoughts on this you guys? I just don't get it and time and time again in comparison to my family members who do have specific airline cards. I usually come out better than them, because I always am able to buy the cheapest flight and get miles and redeem at any airline.

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