Barclaycard Arrival Question -- Am I Doing the Rewards Math Right?

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Barclaycard Arrival Question -- Am I Doing the Rewards Math Right?

Postby Indymac » Thu Mar 20, 2014 10:12 pm

Since you charge your travel expenses to the Arrival card and then apply your points as statement credit after the purchase, do you still get the 2X points on the travel expenses that you apply your points to? Because, if so you would actually get 12% back when redeeming points, the 10% back plus the 2% earned on the purchase.

Example: You spend $500 on travel and get 1k points. You then use 50k points as statement credit and get 10% or 5k back. You now have 6k points, so that $500 actually only cost you 44k points or $440, a savings of 12%.

$500 / 44k points = $0.01136 therefore 1 point = 1.136¢ and with 2X points on everything your rate of return is 2.272%. And, in order to earn more rewards with the annual fee card you would need to spend at least $89 / 0.01136 = $7,835 on non travel and dining expenses.

Is this right or am I missing something? Do you not earn points on purchases you redeem your points on?

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Postby freyj6 » Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:11 pm

That's right.

I think a better comparison is with the Quicksilver and the Fidelity AMEX. You'd have to spend around $12,500 to make the Arrival better than the Quicksilver (minus the sign up bonus).

But the signup bonus ends up being around $454 and you can always downgrade later.
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