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Business Cash Back

Postby ajgolfs » Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:01 pm


I was doing some research for a business credit card and was really confused. Hopefully you guys can help. I am 21, just about to graduate college in May, and own a exterior remodeling business. I should have good credit, I have never missed a payment and pay all my balances in full each month.

Current Cards:
BOA Cash Rewards Personal Visa $5.5k limit
BOA Cash Rewards Business Mastercard $18k limit

Banking Accounts:
BOA Business Checking, Expense, Savings
BOA Personal Checking and Savings
BOA Merchant Services Account

Is there anything I am missing out on? The business wrote $250,000 this past year. $115,000 was charged to pay for materials/labor and about $20,000 for other expenses such as gas, phone, ect. I spend about $1,000 / month on my personal card.

I would like to save up my rewards to go on a trip with the family, 12 people. Would it be better to just continue using the Cash Rewards and saving it up or is there a card that will give me more money back for trips, ect..

Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Oh, it is important to note I am expecting a 30% increase in volume this year since I will be going full time come May. Also this business is only 2 years old so is there a way to quickly improve my business credit to get a hefty limit?


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