2013 Fuel Rewards MasterCard Review: Is It Worth It?

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2013 Fuel Rewards MasterCard Review: Is It Worth It?

Postby Michael » Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:07 am

I received an offer for a MasterCard from the Fuel Rewards Network program. It pays $0.25 per gallon for every $100 of spend anywhere.

This is in addition to any other cents per gallon you acquire by being a member of the Fuel Rewards Network (www.fuelrewardsnetwork.com).

The reward must be used on one fillup of 20 gallons maximum at Shell I do use primarily Shell).

My car has an 18 gallon capacity if I am running on air. I usually fill for about 13-14 gallons.

Please tell me if this is better than the 3% I get on AMEX Blue CashBack Preferred. I think it works out to 3.5% at 14 gallons.

I already have Chase Freedom and Discover, but I am not bringing them in for comparison because they pay 5% only on certain quarters. I want consistency throughout the year.

Is it worth getting for Shell gasoline only?

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Postby cashback » Fri Nov 01, 2013 11:58 am

Sounds worth it to me unless its a limited time promo.

..25 cents on 20 gallons per $100 spent works out to 5%.

Just wait till your car is on E, fill up with 15 gallons, and put the rest in a 5 gallon gas can. That way you get all 20 gallons at a discount.
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