Citi Dividend - is 5% on Electronics dead now?

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Citi Dividend - is 5% on Electronics dead now?

Postby Mrm-na » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:12 am

I'm low income, but due to self employment I put significant spending into the Electronics category, so this would be a very good rewards category for me. I have used Visa's online database and checked MCCs to confirm this. I'd be hitting the same category code as common retailers like Best Buy and Fry's.

I was recently about to apply for a Citi Dividend. Historically, in Q4 this card has offered 5% on Electronics. It supports a max of $6000 spend in a year (their cashback limits are per year, not quarter).
As I was about to apply, I did a final web search and found that they had finally announced their Q4 categories for 2013. Electronics is gone, replaced with "Best Buy", which is useless to me. Major disappointment.

I'm not experienced with cash back cards. I have read occasional, scattered remarks about people receiving targeted offers, which are not advertised for everyone at large. How common is this? If I were to get this card, is there a significant likelihood that at some point in the future, Citi would send me a 5% on Electronics offer? Or should I just forget about ever seeing that category on this card?

I'm inclined not to apply for Citi unless Electronics returns as a public 5% category. However, I wonder if as an account holder I'd be likely to get a non-public targeted offer.
I have no use for any other category that I've seen for that card in it's recent years.
Thanks for any insight.

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