Arrival vs Southwest Premier?

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Arrival vs Southwest Premier?

Postby JTOUPS1214 » Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:54 am

Ok I know to most this may seem like a no brainer (Barclay, right?)

Well I'm interested mainly in travel. Mostly Flights (And flying southwest because it's my cheapest option) - And of course for hotels too, and the occasional rental car.

I will start by saying i have both cards in my possession. Both obtained recently. 40K Free points on Barclay and 50K free points on Southwest.

Southwest 99/yr fee
Barclay 89/yr fee (waived first year)

Southwest 2pts for every 1$ on flights/hotels/card booked thru rapid rewards site. & 1pt/$1 on everything else.

Barclay 2pts for every $1 on ALL items bought.

Southwest gives 6K free points per year. Barclay does not give anything, but they do have the 10% pts back on travel booked with pts.

Now here's the dilemma.....
Lets say i spend $25,000 in a year on random items (no travel related spending.)
Southwest would give me 25k Pts
Barclay would give me 50K pts.

Ok now i want to book a flight with southwest. I just selected a flight from New Orleans to nashville for me and wife roundtrip jan3 - jan 5. That is 23,522 points total. Which is also equal to $432.60.

Now when you look at it, if i used Barclay points, that would be 44K points. and I'd get 4400 pts back (10%) (total of 40K points used)

So when all is said and done, i've used almost all my points, and spent the same amount of money on items. ($25,000)
BUT........lets change one small thing and say i spend 10K of that total on travel. Now all of a sudden, The southwest points i would have is 35K. Compared to Barclay 50K points still. Then you tack on the 6000 anniversary points southwest gives, and i have 41K pts.

That means after i purchased that roundtrip flight, i'd be left with 17K points. Enough for a $210 round trip flight from New orleans to Houston, and still be left with 5K pts left over.

I REALLY keep trying to justify the barclay is better, but this dilemma is racking my brain, that seems to make me think my southwest card will give me MORE overall.


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Postby JTOUPS1214 » Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:12 am

Help please! Racking my brain still...

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Postby smithmark02 » Sun Sep 22, 2013 9:50 am

I was thinking about these same cards. One issue I see above is, you should have about 11K miles left over on the Barclay? $25k spend gives you 50k miles. 50k miles - 43260 cost = 6740 + 4326 back = 11066 balance.

so 11k balance on barclay compared to 7.5k on southwest. So it seems Barclay is better till at a certain point if you spend a certain amount on travel. Also, this assumes you'll only use your points on southwest airfare. If you want to use miles on hotels\cruises\etc, then I think you'd get better deals outside of what southwest offers.

Just my opinion, I'd like to hear what other people think.

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Postby mattymatt808 » Sun Sep 22, 2013 10:52 pm

Don't forget that when you book the flight with the Barclay card, you are spending actual money on the flight and getting statement credit later as your redemption, which means you also earn Rapid Rewards points as an RR member booking a revenue flight.
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Postby JTOUPS1214 » Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:40 am

If i'm mainly using the card to get SWA flights and hotels....

Would it be more beneficial to have all of my points in my Rapid Reward account, rather than some on Barclay Card & some in my RR account?

On another note....the Barclay online access is FAR EASIER to use. Much more user friendly, and far more convenient. Plus with RR card, you have to log in to Chase, then Southwest.

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