2013 Publix Credit Card a Bad Idea?

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2013 Publix Credit Card a Bad Idea?

Postby c1d1e » Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:27 pm

What credit cards does Publix accept and take for payment? Will I save more money their own branded card or another one?

You will laugh to hear this but I am an employee but I work in the back warehouse, which means I am not part of the cashier or even on the floor of the grocery stores 98% of the time.

And another shocker. I do most of my supermarket shopping at Walmart. But given that Publix Employees Federal Credit Union has a Visa available I can apply for, what do you think of this. My only hesitations of it might being a bad idea is

(1) what if I quit or get fired someday, will I still want a credit card from Publix?
(2) how much are these points worth for me

Our program offers great ScoreCard Bonus Points for gift and travel incentives. You will earn 1 point for every $1 purchase made. And, in the months of November and December you will earn double points – that’s 2 points for every $1 purchase

How much are these bonus pts worth because if they are a lot that will get me shopping at Publix on a regular basis.

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Postby Midori » Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:23 pm

I can't tell what you can redeem the points for without having a ScoreCard account. It says that $1 spend = 1 point, but it doesn't say that 1 point necessarily equals a particular amount of merchandise. The closest I can find is a reference to "music download gift card for 3,000 points", but it doesn't mention how valuable the gift card is.

It also looks like a number of credit unions use the ScoreCard Rewards... in addition to PEFCU, there's also Members First Credit Union; Academic Federal Credit Union; Alaska USA Federal Credit Union; Space Coast Credit Union; State Employees of Maryland Credit Union, Inc.; Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union; etc, etc, etc., all using the ScoreCard Rewards.

If it was me, I'd pop by the credit union and ask to take a look at their rewards catalog to determine how valuable the points are to you, versus reward points from another credit card. (ie, Amex BCE gives 3% at supermarkets; I'm earning 5% on groceries up to $2500 this quarter and next with my Citi ThankYou; etc.) If you ever outgrow your job at Publix, you'll still be able to keep your account at the credit union, if you want to. I'd look at their schedule of fees and see how compatible it is with your banking needs, and see if you would be better-served by banking elsewhere.

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