Frugal person looking to maximize savings. What card should I use?

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Frugal person looking to maximize savings. What card should I use?

Postby kebas239 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:45 pm

Hello all!

I'm a 28 year old with a FICO score of 755. I have two credit cards, both which have been open since 2004 with Citibank. One is a "Thank You" & the other a "Diamond Preferred" card.

The Thank You card is my primary and I only have one recurring $30 bill going on the secondary one. These both have very high limits and I rarely spend over $1,000 a month on the primary. I pay off my statements in full each month and never accrue interest. I am not concerned with my credit-worthiness and will apply for any worthwhile card.

I'm (finally!) moving out of my parents house. My job allows me plenty of money to afford my monthly bills, but I'm still trying to increase my savings and offset the cost of living alone.

I'm typically very frugal, and the balance of my card will be mostly necessities such as mortgage, groceries and gas. I do not travel often.

I'm looking for a new card which will give me greater (and preferably passive) benefits over the Thank You card I currently have with Citi. I am willing to spend a yearly fee if it will allow me to ultimately save more money. I was checking out the Amex Blue Cash or Blue Cash Preferred cards, but am unsure of any other viable cards and what ones will yield the greatest savings.

Did anyone have any ideas on what cards I should pursue?


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