Which Card Benefits Matter Most to You While Traveling?

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Which Card Benefits Matter Most to You While Traveling?

Postby DrewSharp » Tue Aug 27, 2013 4:05 pm

New poster here.

A recent survey on CNN showed that the majority of credit card users didn't know the full benefits of their credit cards. Well I say poop on that! There's a lot of benefits that people use. I found this site that's polling for what people think are the most important benefits of their credit card when it comes to air travel There's a lot more that I didn't expect to see so it was hBard for me to make my choice in that category.


Had to go with 'Lost Baggage Reimbursement' cause that's happened too many times to me. Anyway, you don't have to take the poll, but it's cool to see what sorts of options there are from that list--and there's a lot I didn't even know i could look for! Good way to disprove that CNN study and be informed of the many perks of a credit card. ;)

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