New BP Visa with Pump Rewards

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New BP Visa with Pump Rewards

Postby Michael » Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:51 am

I applied for this card in March 2012. The rewards work out to 2.1% when you redeem at the pump (good for one-time fill up of max 20 gallons). and 2.24% when you get a statement credit of $15 online. They do have 'double up' holidays when you can earn double rebates at the pump (20 cents per gallon becomes 40 cents, etc.) Then, the 2.1% on gas would be 4.2%. My Buick LaCrosse holds about 18.6 gallons.

This card has a $7500 limit, and I do use BP gas. However, I also have AMEX BCP (3% gas) and Discover and Chase Freedom (5% gas categories on some quarters).

I am really looking for a reason to use the BP Visa sometimes so that it does not get canceled. I do use BP gas a lot.

Does anyone have this new version of BP Visa, and are there ANY redeeming factors with it that I did not consider?


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