2013 Best Uses of American Express Membership Rewards Points?

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2013 Best Uses of American Express Membership Rewards Points?

Postby HookEmHorns » Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:23 pm

I was so excited to have an Amex charge card I really didn't research the Membership Rewards points program and how I could best benefit.

Stupid me, this will never happen again. Honestly, I just assumed I could transfer the points 1:1 to my airline, and most hotels.

At this point I'm thinking of canceling the card before the annual fee hits, unless I can find a way to maximize my MR points to justify the $95 fee.

So, I need help. What are the best uses to spend Membership Rewards points? The worst? I'm not loyal to any hotel brand, as long as it's nice and not too expensive, I'll stay. Although I do have a southwest flight coming up, it's atypical of me to fly anything but American Airlines.

As much as I like Amex, I'm not seeing how I can benefit with MR points. Help!
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Postby ivotedale » Sun Jul 07, 2013 11:22 am

I used to have the green charge, but I cancelled it after a year's time when the annual fee kicked in. I got a nice 10,000 MR point signup bonus but the card really didn't fit my lifestyle as I thought- didn't travel as much as I intended that year.

I think it's honestly meant for those who travel more than the average person (and whom use their frequent flier partners)- the best way to maximize MR points really is through transferring pts to airlines, etc. Otherwise you'll have to go the gift card route. Like many others here agree- the green charge isn't that exciting otherwise; just a flagship card for Amex.

If you spend a decent amount on the card it'll help offset the fee a bit, though there are other cards out there that you may find have a better value in terms of annual fee vs. 1:1 point transfers. I think I only kept is as long as I did because it helped fund a free trip to NYC for me last September.

Right now I'm rocking the Blue Sky (no AF, essentially 1.33% cashback card towards travel on all purchases) to see how it plays out. I'm not a heavy spender right now, so it's taking a bit of time to rack up some reward points; fortunately it doesn't have an annual fee.

The Blue Sky Preferred version is cool too if you can use the benefits: $75 AF, but you get $100 airline credit per year as a statement credit (whatever airline you choose), and double points on dining/hotel/car rentals. Effectively 2.66% cashback towards travel.

I think Michael put up a review of it here:

Sorry to sound like I'm pitching the card haha, but I think it's a cool deal if you're not bound to one specific airline/hotel/etc.
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