Is American Dream Card a Scam?

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Is American Dream Card a Scam?

Postby CreditCardGuru » Sat Aug 08, 2009 9:20 pm

American Dream Card is a unique card offered to people with a good credit score. Although there were a lot of skeptics when this card came out. We even received messages on our credit card forums asking about if this was a legit offer or not.

The truth is that this card is definitely not a scam. It offers a very unique and exciting rewards program. If you enjoy playing the lottery, this is a great free way to play sweepstakes with and every purchase you pay for with the card. These are conducted monthly. And, you will surely not be disappointed with the other features offered by the American Dream Mastercard.

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No Annual Fee
Unlike some credit cards, the American Dream credit card doesn’t charge an annual fee. The APR is reasonable and will vary according to your profile. This is what is very appealing to many credit card holders. Everybody needs a credit card in case of emergencies, especially those who are scared of carrying loose cash and with the features this card offers, you will get the best benefits.

Other Features
For people who are concerned about interest piling up on their American Dream card because of their inability to pay their dues on time, there are a number of insurance plans available to choose from. When you opt for an account protection plan, your payments will be covered in the event that you are unemployed or on leave. You may have to pay a small fee for every $100 of account balance, but again, this is an optional feature. You may also be interested in knowing that the balance calculation is done by average daily balance method which includes new purchases.


You Can Win Big
American Dream Mastercard is one of the most innovative credit cards which aim to give the best to the cardholders. The sweepstakes are one of the best features. It is available for all US citizens above 18 years of age and there are some real life winners for proof. There are a lot of ways you can get entries into this contest. You can enter the sweepstakes by spending on the card, by referring a friend, etc. Doris Hanson, an employee of Toll Brothers was a winner of the sweepstakes and won herself a cool $25,000. She won the sweepstakes after just three months of being a cardholder.

51 year old Richard Dattilo is another example of how the American Dream credit card holders can get rich with the sweepstakes. He won the monthly sweepstakes of $25000. He found it shocking and exciting and was able to use it for things he couldn’t have afforded otherwise. These life altering outcomes can become available in your life simply by becoming a card holder for American Dream credit card.

Use The Internet To Win Even More
More recently, a Pennsylvania resident and American Dream card holder won himself a $10,000 and a Denver, Colorado resident won himself $11,000 with the sweepstakes. While some of the winners plan exotic vacations, others plan to save it. Applying for the credit card online is very simple. In addition to this, you get 1,000 entries for the sweepstakes. You also get entries for every purchase you make and the rules and conditions of the sweepstakes can be found on the American Dream card website as well. This is a perfect choice if you are someone that enjoys playing the lottery, because this card offers you the opportunity to play it for free with every purchase you make!

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