SPG vs Marriott vs CSP

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SPG vs Marriott vs CSP

Postby craigm1 » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:42 am

Looking to take the family to Orlando FL next year. I have amex blue cash and a chase freedom currently. The SPG caught my eye. I probable spend about $2k-2.5k a month that I only get 1% cash back on so the SPG, it looks like you can get a level 3 room for 7000 points and the 5th night free if you book 4, I believe every summer they do a 30k bonus, I then saw the marriott card from chase, more options but it looks like more points to get a room. I'm trying to figure out the benefit of the marriott vs a saphire preferred. Anybody have any of these cards and know the pros and cons.

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Postby rockyrock » Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:55 am

craigm1 wrote: Anybody have any of these cards and know the pros and cons.

I have all three cards and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. All three have AFs starting the 2nd year.

I have found the CSP and MRP to work well together because there is a Marriott link in the UR Mall. I was recently able to book a Marriott stay through the UR mall portal and score 5x Marriott points by using my MRP card, plus I got 2x UR points for going through the UR Mall.

There isn't a Starwood link in the UR mall and all the other booking options are prepaid so I can't swing a deal like this with my Amex SPG card. The best I can swing is UR Mall 2x and SPG 1x or CSP 2x + 2x for using my CSP card and using the Mall.

You are correct; IMHO, thinking SPG is a better program than Marriott. Much less points required to cash in for a good deal. The SPG Starpoints transfer rate is also great if you want to do that. Marriott has been very good to me that is why I have stayed with them. SPG caught my eye though so we'll see...

If you only want one card though CSP may be the way to go. 2x for travel/dining related charges. Lots of bonus point opportunities in the UR Mall. Great 1:1 transfer of UR points to airline, hotels, etc. Just make sure your airline and hotel are part of the program or it's useless.

My experiences, YMMV.
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