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Postby nvtech » Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:15 pm

paparoach429 wrote:@Cashback and Silver, How would it be a waste? I would still be taking these trips with or without these points, its just nice knowing I dont have to worry about coming up with the money for the ticket out of pocket. I can save that money to do things on my trip.

Its Very Interesting thread. I am little new to the forum here and at my spare time, its lot of fun to go through this forum posts.

I want to share my view about the travel rewards (Getting the best bang for each point) which you have been discussing.

I have figured out a way to earn a straight 12% cash back (Travel Credit) only for Travel (Hotel+Air) using the Chase UR mall (Freedom or other cards) + a Travelocity Amex.

2x is by using UR Shopping mall for Travelocity ..which give 2x points.

And the rest of the story below:

5X points on all Travelocity Purchases.

$4000 in purchases will give 20k points and when you hit 20k, its equal to $400 travel voucher.
(Technically getting 40k in points)
Also, assuming u click the Travelocity link from UR mall, 2x points on $4000 is 8k points earned through Chase.

The downside, no transfer of points to miles and pretty much locked to Travelocity.

Please let me know your thoughts..

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