Have 677 credit score, looking for reward card suggestions

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Have 677 credit score, looking for reward card suggestions

Postby GreenLantern » Mon Mar 25, 2013 10:15 pm

I'm primarily interested in cash back

Typically most my spending goes on gas/restaurants/fast food/pharmacy.. student loans/auto as well but they dont take credit.

Aside from that I'm getting married this year and am going to be spending
~20k for food
~10k hotels
which I'll be using my US Bank cash + visa rewards signature for 5% - its current limit is 5k. - my only credit card

I'm planning on purchasing my first home in approximately a year as well and am trying to build my credit since i'm a newer college grad

current salary ~130k

Any suggestions? should I try to get my CLI first and if so to what amount? Which cards may benefit me most for some variety - I plan on traveling overseas on my honeymoon so perhaps one with no foreign transaction fee

- credit score of 677 from equifax past october (only had student loans till then got my first credit card and car loan at that time.

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Postby FutureBillionaire » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:14 am

The Guardians require a score over 700.
Gas: Discover It, Penfed Platinum Rewards x2, Chase freedom, Citi TYP
Plane tickets: CSP
Groceries: AMEX BCP, Penfed Platinum Rewards,Citi TYP
Clothes: Express, Amex BCP, Discover IT
Amazon: Citi Forward, Cash +
Restaurants: Citi Forward, Chase Freedom, Discover IT, CSP
Hotels and other travel: Discover Escape, CSP
Movies: BofA travel rewards visa signature(fandango), Discover IT, Citi Forward, Freedom
Bars, clubs, tomfoolery: CSP, Citi Forward, Discover IT, Freedom
Balance transfers: Kroger 123 rewards
Bill Pay: Chase Ink Plus, Citi Forward
Everyday spending: Bofa Accelerated cash rewards amex, Discover Escape

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Postby DavidNY » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:50 am

FutureBillionaire wrote:The Guardians


If you want to try for an unsecured card, BofA Travel Rewards gives 1.5% back on travel and has no FTF. Priceline Visa and Fidelity Amex give 2% flat cash back.

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Postby Snowman » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:05 pm

I think Food wise, your Cash+ is excellent for what you needs are. As for the Hotels, it depends who you stay with. Additionally, Chase pretty much has all of the Major hotel companies co-branded, and they are a stickler to be approved for a credit card. Your salary looks excellent for any Amex I think but for Chase you need at least a years worth of history (typically at least but there is always exceptions). What else is your profile like? Do you have any baddies, inquires, Average age of accounts, and that should help. Cash back card wise, it is pretty difficult to beat the Chase Freedom because of the rotating categories, as well as the Discover IT. Traveling wise, the Chase Sapphire preferred is generally considered one of the best travel cards out there, and depending on who you fly and stay with you could look into their co-branded cards. Congrats on getting the U.S. Bank Cash+ as your first card...not many can say that they got a Visa Signature as their first card.
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Chase: Freedom-5kSouthwest Rapid Rewards Plus- 3.6k
Capital one: Venture one-10,000, Visa Signature.

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Postby Bksuper » Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:15 pm

Use your Cash+ for hotels, that's a no brainer. Is most of your food grocery, fast food restaurant, or sit down restaurant? If you have a high grocery spend, you might want to get the penfed platinum rewards (points, not cash) visa. If you have high restaurant spend, just use your cash+ with that selected as the other category (although you'll have to choose between sit down and fast food).
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Postby tobin » Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:48 am

That's good to hear about the Chase Freedom. I just got one and anything I need to buy I use it from now on. I'd prefer the $130k salary vs the rewards though. You've got to be in medicine, computers, or law. Good luck.

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Postby GreenLantern » Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:49 pm

Thanks for the assistance, I know its been a long time, still was debating for a while on which cards to go with. I'm also trying to get a card for my fiance as well.

I do want to go unsecured.
Food wise majority of my spending is sit down/fast food very little grocery although trying to change that!
No baddies on my history just last inquiry for my car back in ~September and cash+ inquiry from August I beleive

What caught my eye: BCP 6% groceries and 3% Gas annual fee just kinda of makes me go against it a bit.

Discover it - 5% cash back gas category rotating no foreign transaction fee going out of country soon and make occasional overseas purchases.

Chase Freedom Visa - for gas cashback of 5% and drug stores

- Since I already have a visa was thinking discover or Amex may be better for me to increase the chance that it may be accepted where a visa may not?

Hoping to app to maybe one or 2 tomorrow if i get anymore responses.

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Postby MemberSince99 » Sun Jul 14, 2013 7:08 am

tobin wrote:That's good to hear about the Chase Freedom. I just got one and anything I need to buy I use it from now on. I'd prefer the $130k salary vs the rewards though. You've got to be in medicine, computers, or law. Good luck.

Very few computer jobs come close to that anymore you have to pretty much have years of experience using the hottest technologies to even have a shot or be in management (which will get that kind of pay anyway). Your average grunt programmer isn't going to come anywhere near that in fact in my neck of the woods salaries have been dropping as they continue to bring in foreign labor to hold the wages of Americans down while offshoring as much of the rest as they can. My own pay has been basically static the last 5 years now. I recently got training on the hottest new stuff I'm going to get 6 months to a year actual experience using that and try to use that as my ticket for more, because otherwise all I can look forward to is higher taxes/healthcare costs/inflation further eroding whatever tiny raises I might get over the coming years (and getting a raise anymore isn't all that common, they are only thinking about how they can cut this cost center expense with you being the cost center).

Maybe not what we all want to hear, but it's really how it is. I don't recommend this field for people looking to make big bucks, I know damn few in it who do.

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Postby GreenLantern » Sat Jul 27, 2013 3:18 pm

Well have some interesting news after applying for some cards. My credit score has jumped from 677 in September of last year to 736 now.

I apped for both An Amex blue cash preferred and Discover IT
Amex pulled Experian - 737
Discover pulled Equifax - 736
got both. 12k limit on amex 4k on discover - previously had just a usbank cash plus card with 12k limit

Hope this helps anyone else who was in my shoes looking to app.

I did run into a new issue though, the fiance has no credit history and has been denied for her chase card. Trying to figure out some options for her. She had 1 small student loan in college and is making ~120k+ now no car loans e.t.c. and just an authorized user on a chase card. She wants to start building her own history and paying for her own cards. She tried reconning a few times with chase and got discouraged - the second time she actually was getting through with the guy reviewing the account but got disconnected and the third time the lady just basically told her we already gave you a no and a reason. At this point how much will it really help adding her as an authorized user to my accounts? Could that alone be enough to get her approved for some other card of her own? At this point I understand this is limited information - I don't even have her credit score at this point to help her out, nor does she.

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