Can I apply for 2 cards with only 1 hard credit pull/inquiry?

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Can I apply for 2 cards with only 1 hard credit pull/inquiry?

Postby me08053 » Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:41 am

I started a job that involves a lot of business travel and I wanted to get two rewards cards to split the air travel and hotel costs between so that I can utilize the benefits for free vacations. My company always stays at Marriotts, and after the forum's review of the card I decided to go ahead and apply for the Marriott premier visa signature card ( as an added bonus my company is based in France so having the smart chip in there for European travel is great).

Now to my actual question. I have been reading about the various other travel cards and the Chase Sapphire Preferred seems like a really good deal especially since I already have a Freedom Card. Since I applied for and was approved for the Marriott card yesterday is there a way to get Chase to count that one hard pull for the Chase Sapphire Preferred today? If so, who do I call?

Side Note: Does anyone have solid reasons why I should go with another card for airline miles? I'm based in Philly and seem to fly US Airways a lot since it is sort of a hub for the airline but their credit card seems to be very poor in terms of rewards. On occasion I fly delta and for the rare occasion when I fly to the west coast (My territory is the East Coast), I'll be on United.

Side Note 2: My company gave me a "TD Bank Corporate Card". Does that mean a hard pull was performed for me in that instance or was it based on the company's credit history? I am not paying the balances on that card, the company is. Thanks! This forum has helped with so many of my questions that I decided to register and really get involved!

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Postby Money card » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:14 pm

I would call the back of your chase sapphire or the Marriott card, explain to them that 1 night you applied for the Marriott and the following
day you applied for the sapphire, can they count that as 1 pull. they may say no because 1 is an actual marriott and the other is an actual chase card done on different days. but then again you never know.

I would probably say since your company is supplying you a corporate card theres no reason for you to get an airline card. Now I do understand you don't get any points with this card, by not having an airline card you spend more money on baggage fees plus you lose
miles, but your company is in charge of your travel that's the way it goes.

I suppose is a 95.00 annual fee worth getting in only to the united lounge, like do you need this perk? plus i'm sure on united property you get 2 points per dollar spent but you might want to check out and see if there are any blackouts ( If I said this correctly)

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