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Postby Franck-ilicious intl. » Thu Jan 10, 2013 10:08 pm

MemberSince99 wrote:Try not to take it personally that does no good at all. It's not like a date where you are rejected on a personal basis. I think the business reasons I mentioned (they don't want to push this card) might have contributed to this. I'd suggest hang in there and see if they upgrade you. If they do great, and you already took the hard pull for this and in any case a 6.5k limit rewards card with a great bank is not a bad score.

I didn't take it personally at all , I was like ok no worries I'll just call check on them, and seems that got their attention and from the get go I figured that's their intention not to push out the +plus card since in application states if disproved you automatically get the lower cash back card.. hook and switch kinda thing with the warning :P so is legit lol.
and this +card I want but dont need kinda thing Im not a high roller, just trying to make every single payment 5% cash back. so got penfed, discover, bcp

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