Taking advantage of an offer ... any catches I need to know about?

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Taking advantage of an offer ... any catches I need to know about?

Postby ClubMead » Thu Dec 20, 2012 2:11 pm

Well, I have a reunion coming up in April in South Beach. One fof my friends is springing for a suite at The W Hotel, but around 14 of us are going to need to find alternate accomodations (or spend over $700 per night to stay at The W).

I found a Whyndham that is near The W (not on the beach but irrelevant with access at The W) that costs 15,000 points per night.

I then found an ad for the Whyndham Rewards Card where I get 30,000 points after my first purchase (annual fee is $69.00).

My questions are as follows:

1. Is this a decent card?

2. Should I recommend to my friends that half of us app for the card, take the 30,000 free points and get the free weekend (2 to a room)?

3. The annual fee is waived the first year ... if I cancel before the first year is up do I owe them anything for the points I took advantage of?

Thanks in advance
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Postby Money card » Thu Dec 27, 2012 8:27 pm

I would say unless you travel on business and always stay at a wyanham this isn't a card for you. with the rewards, correct me if I'm wrong but you can only redeem for that hotel, in other words you can't redeem at Marriott, delta, jet blue or gift cards for stores and restaurants.

why not use 1 of your credit cards what's wrong with your Discover why not use that card? your Bank of America? those are the cards I would be using unless you travel on company business and you stay at the W.

If you cancel your card before the year is up, don't forget to redeem your rewards you won't have to pay the annual fee.

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