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Be Careful about buying from

Postby nishant » Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:35 pm

I am new to this forum although I am considered as one of the most financially savvy in my work group and would like to share my views from this point on in this forum.

I have been able to meet my $2500 cash back in rewards target for last 3 years which I spend from black Friday to Xmas shopping

Depending on state you live in, no sales tax from Amazon has been tempting but when in recent times I am disappointed with Amazon. When on black friday, Amazon significantly increased prices of items which I was tracking and hoping to buy and save, I cancelled my purchase plans from Amazon and bought same items from This online store has the potential to become future Amazon size company.

Amazon membership is not bad. I am a member of Amazon prime which saves on 2 day shipping. Amazon prime can be shared with upto 4 members of Family for free shipping. So free shipping plus suppliment to Netflix movies minus subtitles which are not available on Amazon prime.

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