23 y/o 5 yrs credit history $1200 limit. What to get 2nd card?

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Postby jdauria » Sat Dec 15, 2012 8:36 am

MaxPunishment wrote:Get a Chase card if you can that has Ultimate Rewards (Chase Freedom or Chase Sapphire). If you travel or dine often, go with the Sapphire but otherwise go for the Freedom for the revolving 5% categories and 1% on everything else (because if you don't use the Chase Sapphire for dining or travel, you're essentially getting 1% for everything anyways). Now that you've gotten the BCE, wait a few weeks and give Chase a try. Long term it's the best bank to have a relationship with given their customer service and great rewards options

It's going to be hard to get Sapphire with limited credit history no? They want to see excellent credit score
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