Credit Card Golden Rules (Rewards)

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Credit Card Golden Rules (Rewards)

Postby brewmac » Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:17 am

Hey Guys,

First post here. Love this stuff. Anywho, I am looking to apply for a few more credit cards and am wondering about application periods. IE, how long before you can apply AGAIN for a credit card with each company?

Does anybody know the churn times for the different companies? I know its 60 days for AMEX. What about Barclays? Chase? Citi? Bank of America?

Also, does anybody know if any of these allow you to apply for the SAME card after so many days (60, 90, etc)? I recently got the Barclays US Airways Card and I'm approaching 60 days. I'm wondering if this is enough time to re-apply and, if possible, if I can apply for the same card.

I don't want to risk applying too soon and being turned down and having to wait an additional 60-90 days.

Thanks all

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