Chase credited me for missing points on my SWA card

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Chase credited me for missing points on my SWA card

Postby heytom » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:45 pm

First off, I love this card and have had the business version of this reward card for years, but I just ran across an error they have had for since January 2012. Though they offered to quickly correct this issue, I would be surprised if just my account had this error and wondered if Chase is going to go out and correct this automatically for others.

I would check your monthly statements starting with January's of this year. For the past 3 billing cycles if you look at the category for reward points called "Double Points for Southwest Partner Purchases", my was "zero" (0) for all three billing cycles, even though I always have a few charges on my card for Southwest Hotel Partners.

When I called them, they quickly said they would correct this and add the some 4000 points I was missing to my next billing cycle, but I thought.... what if I would not have discovered this and let them know? Obviously it was 3 billing cycles before I caught it. When was Chase planning to fix this computer glitch? When they do, are they going to go back and credit everyone that has a Southwest RR credit card and is missing 'double points' from these partners?

The good news is you still probably received your 1 bonus point for every dollar spent with these partners and I still did get my double bonus points on all purchases made directly with Southwest Airlines.... just not the Southwest Partners.

Check you statements back through the start of 2012... you may find missing points as I did my 4000 points!


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