What are good credit cards to build credit?

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What are good credit cards to build credit?

Postby timed » Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:16 pm

Hi, I'm looking to get a good first credit card and would appreciate your help here.

I recently was denied for a Citi ThankYou Preferred card despite having a checking and savings account there for a long time. They said I did not have enough credit history, so I guess I need a good credit card that's easier to get.

I am recent college graduate (May 2011). Are there any student cards that give cards to recent graduates? Also, I have a large amount of money in bank CDs (1 year's salary), so any application that takes this into consideration would probably give me a better chance.

Money card
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Postby Money card » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:24 pm

As far as student cards go you can check places like American Express and Discover. As far as recent graduate I'm not sure. but it doesn't hurt to try any place that offers student credit cards.

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