SPG American Express - My Story....

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SPG American Express - My Story....

Postby RM4PointRewards » Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:57 am

Hello Everyone!

I am a PRG Gold and SPG American express member. So far I must say customer service is exquisite! There have been some highs and lows....but mostly highs...so cannot complain in entirety! I post this as I thought it would be informative and also pick your brains to see what you all think!!

My story:
Applied for Amex SPG about 90 days ago - got approved although my CL was insanely low!!1 $1000! Was concerned that this would keep me from meeting my $4500 spend to get the additional 20,000 bonus points. No matter, a few good people on this forum told me to wait it out and wait till the 61 day mark and go ahead and apply for a CL boost. Did that ... and to my detriment it was denied! I was pretty shocked! EX - 725, Equi - 740 and TransUnion - 730. Not the greatest of scores - but certainly not terrible either! They had some wrong reasoning on their decision and I sent a appeal letter to have them reconsider.... NO AVAIL!

I went along my way.... charging and washing out as I could to make my spend target... Basically got very close and as of yesterday charged 2 large purchases that I was planning to make anyway (but moved up to make this $4500 charge target). Called an unusually unpleasant Amex CSR and she was like yes you have met your spend goals but we CANNOT confirm you will get the points unless the Pending charges clear.... so if they do not clear as of midnight today you will not get the points. At this point I was pretty outraged as it seemed I had tried to overcome 2 obstacles they had placed in my way. I will find out what happens tonight and am praying all day that those 2 purchases clear and appear on my statement.... 20,000 Starpoints is no joke to lose :(

On a brighter note - they did give me a one-time 4500 bump bonus as I had explained my situation to them and they sympathized....

Please let me know your thoughts and any wisdom that I may bring to the table when I speak to the CSRs tonight.

Wish me luck! I sincerely need it! :D

Thank you !!!


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Postby Pete838 » Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:12 pm

The rewards department at AMEX has been treacherous lately. They've denied a lot of people a lot of signup bonuses that had been confirmed and reconfirmed. Their excuse being that they were not targeted. My best luck with rewards is sending a secure message through the website. The phone people seem like all they're allowed to do lately is say NO.
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