What have you all used your free hotel night for?

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Re: What have you all used your free hotel night for?

Postby yfan » Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:38 pm

When I had my Marriott card, I used the free night for a hotel booking in Sacramento for work. Not glamorous, I know, but I got a free night that was reimbursed by work at the going rate, so I made money off it.

My travel habits are not conducive to make the most of hotel rewards points. I don't like being in places in peak season, if only to avoid the horrendous traffic. And in off season, when I do like to travel, there are so many cash deals available that it makes no sense to use points. Plus, I don't really like spending time inside hotel rooms when I'm traveling so fanciness is not part of the requirements.

In situations like mine, cashback optimization is the best vacation strategy.

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