Buying gift cards from the grocery store w/ credit card?

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Postby debitcardsblow » Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:00 pm

optimusprimerate wrote:I can tell you that Meijer (grocery store chain in IL/IN/KY/MI/OH)'s policy is that they don't accept credit cards for the purchase of other stores' gift cards. They do allow you to use them to purchase Meijer gift gards; I've done that for years.

That store isn't in my area but it seems a bit old fashioned if you ask me. This is 2011 and credit cards are what most of us use for everything. Even if I wanted to pay cash I would be out of luck since I never carry cash. Tell me is Meijer a grocery strore that is a blast from the blast and out of sync with today? That is how I picture it.

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Buy Gift Cards On AMEX Blue Cash Preferred for 6% Cash Back

Postby JWAG » Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:31 pm

I was wondering if anyone has purchased gift cards and received cash back on them through their credit card company. I know with American Express, you can check your reward status online. All someone has to do is buy groceries and a few gift cards, check their online statement for rewards, and calculate whether or not the gift cards were applied to rewards percentages or not. I hope this works! Thanks in advance.

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5% bonus cash back.

Postby Money card » Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:45 pm

I just got off the phone with a Discover card account mgr.

This is what he had to say. For this quarter we have restaurants, so if you guys go to a restaurant like Buffalo Wild Wings, Fridays, Ruby Tuesdays and you buy a gift card, he said the transaction it counts. It doesn't matter whether it's food, drink or a gift card you get the 5% back. But if you go to Walmart and buy a gift card to the restaurant then obviously you don't.

2 years ago when I signed up it was the fashion, department stores and restaurants, end of the year. I asked this question about fashion if I were to buy a gift card for a store like Aeropostle, do we get the 5% back that account mgr said no, he said it has to be items like clothes.

For anybody who has a chase Freedom or Citibank Dividend when you're in either the restaurant category or fashion if you go to the actual store like J Crew or Armani Exchange or for restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings, if you buy a gift card do you get your 5% back?

With American Express Blue Cash Preferred on grocery stores it's 6%, gas 3% and department stores 3%. But these are not bonuses. If somebody purchases an Olive Garden, Macys, or Shell gift card from your local grocery store, do you guys get your 6% back? If the gas stations sell gift cards to restaurants do you get the 3% back? Or does gas mean gas at a stand alone gas station? for Blue Cash Preferred?

Does groceries have to mean grocery like milk , pasta, bread etc or gift cards are also counted?

I would imagine with Blue cash Preferred you get your 6% and 3% back. But I'm not sure with the Chase Freedom or Citibank Dividend on the bonus 5% rotating categories do you guys get the 5% like us Discover cardmembers do?

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