Best credit card for someone who eats out a lot

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Re: Best credit card for someone who eats out a lot

Postby kdm31091 » Sat Apr 23, 2016 8:17 am

martin7 wrote:New Citi Costco Visa has 3% back on restaurants/travel, 4% on gas (including Costco's already lower gas prices), 2% at Costco.

Right, but you do have the "annual fee" for Costco membership. If you don't regularly shop there, it may not make sense to get the card just for the cash back. 3% on dining is nice, but it's only 1% more than you get with a 2% card. Not saying the Costco is a bad option -- for Costco members it's a great card -- but I'm not as sold on applying for it just for the rewards.

AARP gives 3% on any restaurant. Cash+ gives 5% on fast food only. Paypal Extras gives 3x points on all restaurants which I think comes out to around 2.5% when you go to redeem.

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