Best travel card for me

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Re: Best travel card for me

Postby kdm31091 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:32 pm

About the only advantage I can see is yes, the lack of FTF on Arrival+. If you are willing to accept slightly less rewards, you can get a no AF Capital One Quicksilver for 1.5% on everything and no FTF (and you can redeem for whatever you want, in case travel doesn't pan out). Bank of America's Travel Rewards gives 1.5%, travel redemption only, but again no FTF and no annual fee.

However, the arrival+ has its fans and it seems to work for some people. I'm just pointing out that there are other no FTF options, perhaps with slightly lower earning but also no annual fee to justify.

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Re: Best travel card for me

Postby CarefulBuilder14 » Tue Nov 17, 2015 12:34 pm

plaidington wrote:
kdm31091 wrote:
plaidington wrote:To me there is nothing easier than Barclaycard Arrival since you can buy your tickets at ANY airline and get reimbursed for it. No limitations whatsoever. Same with the Capital One Venture with their "travel eraser" feature.

Right, but why pay a fee when you can get the same benefits for free with a Double Cash or Fidelity Amex? Same 2% back, redeem for whatever you want (including travel), and no annual fee.

The Venture and Arrival are cash back cards restricted to travel redemption. There is really no advantage to using them for travel over a plain 2% card, especially with the annual fees they charge. To each their own of course, but outside of the bonuses, I don't see the appeal long-term.

The Double Cash is a great card - however for travel outside of USA - it does incur a 3% Foreign Transaction fee. The Arrival and Venture card has 0% FTF.

AMEX is not accepted everywhere and it also has a FTF fee of (I think) 2.7%

Arrival is only card that is Chip & PIN - which you can use pretty much everywhere and anywhere in EU (inclusing automatic train ticket kiosks, petrol dispensers etc)

It is inaccurate to describe Arrival and Arrival+ as Chip+PIN cards. They are Chip+Sig primary with Chip+online PIN backup. It's a sort of middle technology between Signature and "true PIN".

Arrival and Arrival+ will work in some cases where Chip+Sig won't work, but they will not work in every case where true Chip+PIN will work.

ETA: To be clear, Signature and PIN are not some black-and-white, one-or-the-other card classifications. Card Verification Method lists vary a lot from card to card.
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Limited value, might close: Arrival

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Re: Best travel card for me

Postby plaidington » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:10 pm

I stand somewhat corrected, the "quasi" Chip & PIN works at unmanned kiosks and reverts to chip and sig at manned counters.

You folks are a rough crowd, the OP specified Travel card so I mentioned two Travel cards. Trust me I am no Arrival+ fan right now due to the fact they are reducing benefits (may want to look into it before applying). And I think FTF is pretty important if you travel abroad. I dont care if DC has 2% CB if it also has a 3% FTF.

Also what about benefits such as Trip Cancellation, lost baggage, etc. These are also value added benefits that may be worth more than a little higher % of cash back. ... s-1276.php

Does anyone know of any other Chip and PIN (quasi or otherwise) available to US residents? It really boils down to the fact that there are very few good "travel" card out there.

I would be all over Citi DC if they did not have a 3% FTF and had Chip and Pin.
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Re: Best travel card for me

Postby Vermonster » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:19 pm

plaidington wrote:I stand somewhat corrected, the "quasi" Chip & PIN works at unmanned kiosks and reverts to chip and sig at manned counters.

I would be all over Citi DC if they did not have a 3% FTF and had Chip and Pin.

There is still a chance that the Arrival+ will not work at an offline, unmanned kiosk. The only cards that work in that situation are true chip+pin primary cards. The kiosk being offline is the issue, as you'll never be able to tell until you pop the card in.

I believe USAA and a few smaller credit unions are the only ones that offer a card with true chip+pin. Andrews FCu, Navy FCU, UNFCU...
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