Best Time for Airline Rewards Bonuses?

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Best Time for Airline Rewards Bonuses?

Postby swipe_masta » Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:08 pm

For those of you who constantly check for promo offers, when do you usually think is the best time frame companies dole out the highest and most lucrative promos for airline rewards cards? You think in the summer with all the vacationing or in the winter with all the holidays? I just checked out the blog side of this site and read that Scott Grimmer's (MileValue) best sign-up bonus was the American Airline card where he got 150,000 miles!

Reading thru all the blogs and forums out there where people have had amazing experiences like traveling the world really makes me wonder... How do they make it happen? Do you think people sign up for cards just for the initial bonus and cancel the cards afterwards? How many cards you think they have? I feel like a small fish compared to these guys. I mean getting a statement credit or helping out travel expenses with the rewards I earn is basically it for me and I'm happy with that, but I feel like I'm missing out compared to those who really are in the know and get to to do these amazing stuff just with sign-up bonuses or even MS is crazy!


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Re: Best Time for Airline Rewards Bonuses?

Postby takeshi » Thu Jun 18, 2015 7:58 am

I don't track them but I doubt it's solely a matter of season.

swipe_masta wrote:How do they make it happen?

Churning. FlyerTalk seems to be a popular site for churners.

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