Chase Freedom bonus going away...

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Chase Freedom bonus going away...

Postby jeffysdad » Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:23 pm

I just found out that Chase is ending the 3% cashback in top three categories and going instead to a program that awards 3% in categories that rotate quarterly, like Discover.

I knew that Chase was migrating some customers off of the 3% in top 3 but I didn't know they were doing it to everybody. The rep I spoke with said it will eventually be across the board.

Also going away is the $50 bonus for each $200 redemption. I'm at $112 right now and won't make it to $200 before this expires on April 30. Oh well.

Does anyone know anything else about this? I'm not going to use the Freedom card after the change takes effect.
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Chase Freedom change imminent?

Postby cpaynter » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:38 am

Well, I'll believe it when I get the letter.

I've been anticipating the end for a year and a half now, since the first customers started getting "upgraded" to the new program. So far, no changes to my card or my wife's, and I've cashed out $600 of bonus since then (getting $750 in checks).

But this is the first time I've seen an actual final date on conversions.

I talked to a Chase banker last month, who suggested that to optimize my chances of staying on the current program as long as possible I should do nothing to draw attention to myself. In particular, I should:

1. Not call customer service to find out if my rewards will be going away.
2. Not call customer service for any reason, for that matter.
3. Have any late payments, or go over the credit limit.

I'm still unsure how the conversions will affect the Chase Freedom Plus program, which I'm on, versus the regular Chase Freedom, which my wife has. Dare I hope that Chase maintains the rewards on us "Plus" customers longer?

Time will tell.

But thanks for the info.


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