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Best Business Credit Card for Rewards

Postby Chris T » Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:26 pm

I just started my new LLC and am hunting for the best possible business credit card. MY score is Excellent, and I'm primarily looking for the best bang-for-the-buck card.

I do travel transatlantic a lot (and prefer Virgin), but am still open-minded since I know that a lot of air mile cards are not worth it:

It seems like the 'any airline miles' cards (e.g CapOne Rewards) are worth very little compared to the regular air mile cards. But then those airmile cards loose their appeal when airport taxes and fees often comprise more than half the entire price of a ticket, thus rendering the miles worth a lot less than they appear.

I'm tempted to just go with a 2% cash back card (e.g. CapOne Spark Cash for business) which would earn me $960 cash annually for a $4,000 p/mo spend (average for me). This would totally cover one return transatlantic flight per year (equivalent to 50,000+ miles need with airmiles).

Does this make sense? Any other Business card recommendations from folks?…


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Postby whit » Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:55 pm

What type of purchases do you anticipate will make up the 4k average spend? Since this is a new LLC, I'm assuming it's estimates and not based on prior year.

Chase ink plus has an annual fee like sapphire preferred and its rewards mirror it in a lot of ways (the initial bonus, in this case 50k, although if you can wait, it usually jumps up to 70k during small business week or small business type of promos--as well as no foreign transaction fees, 1:1 conversion for major travel programs including the virgin Atlantic)

But the way it earns points is stacked. If you're anticipating 4k a month average in spending, it's just under the 50k cap (for each %--which is 5% for office supply stores, cable, landline, cellular and another 50k cap for 2% for gas and hotel accommodations booked direct) 1 point for everything else

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Postby JamesMS » Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:09 pm

Good question. I currently have 2 business credit cards for my company. The Spark Business Cash Back Card and the AMEX Plum Card. My preference is cash back, but if you were going miles, I am not sure. So far I have enjoyed having both cards and they seem to be working very well.

Amex Plum - 1.5% cash back if paid within 10 days after statement cuts (I believe, just know what date to pay it every month). In addition, for larger purchases, if we need more time to pay, there's an additional 30 days to pay (interest free) but do not get cash back on that. I use this card for production costs.

Spark Cash Back - 2% cash back is good. I use this card for our everyday purchases and pay it off every week.

The cash back is better on the Spark Card but I like having the additional 30 days interest free on the Plum Card on big purchases.
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Postby daniel2304 » Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:06 pm

I'm having Amex Simply Cash and Chase Ink Cash. The Simply Cash does not have annual fee, 5% cash back on office supplies and 3% on a category of your chosen (can be either travel, gas or restaurant I believe). It also does have promotional interest free for 9 months. Chase Ink Cash have similar earning and no annual fee either.
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Postby takeshi » Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:57 am

whit wrote:What type of purchases do you anticipate will make up the 4k average spend?

This. We need to know what spend categories and volumes to make recommendations. As for points/miles cards we also need more information on who you can redeem with as redemptions have a significant impact on points/miles value.

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Postby benhollberg » Tue Apr 21, 2015 8:40 pm

We can't recommend a card unless we know what your spend is on. Honestly if you're spending only $4k a month it may be best to stick to a cash back card in my opinion, since it'll take longer to earn enough airline miles for awards.

For my small business I use the AMEX gold and Chase Ink Bold. I chose the AMEX Gold for 3x points on shipping and 2x points on airfare and gas. There are also other bonus categories and you can pick one that will give 3x points. The annual fee is $200 waived the first year and you should be able to find a signup bonus of at least 50k easily. It's also a charge card so I never have to worry about it declining.

I chose my second business card as the Chase Ink Bold, also a charge card but it does have a spending limit. I chose this for the 5x points on office supplies and communications utilities. It also has 2x points on hotels and offers primary rental car insurance when renting for business. It has a $99 annual fee waived the first year, and you can usually find at least 40k signup offer for it. For my business, those two cards fit perfectly and the diviserity in their transfer programs makes it easy to find available travel awards.
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