Any airline cards worth keeping long term?

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Postby kcm7 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:59 am

When AA was the only ticket in town from my city, my AAdvantage Platinum Select was definitely worth keeping. I flew AA around five or six times a year (one of those internationally), often with bags and often with my boyfriend. So that was $100 round trip for the bags we weren't paying. The 10 percent bonus for redeeming miles was nice, too. I was earning about 1 domestic rewards flight per year. So, with the flight and the bags, I was getting $500-$600 per year worth out of my card.

Recently, though, United and Frontier started competing out of my airport with more convenient times, better routes, and ticket prices a good $70-$100 below American. So I cancelled the card.

I think airline cards can be worth it, for sure IF you're concentrating nearly all your travel on a single airline.

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Postby Battery111 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:48 pm

rockyrock wrote:You may want to apply as you will be eligible for the application bonus. It's currently 50k miles after $5k spend in three months. I don't know the answer to your upgrade question.

Only reason I don't apply is because I have a decent number of inquiries right now and I know citi can be sensitive to those. May just pay for another year of admirals club and let those inquiries age then see if it still looks like a decent option. Main reason I pay for admirals club are the smoking lounges in DFW since I fly through there on every flight and it's the only place behind security you can smoke in that airport. If I can kick that habit in the next year it may be a moot point, save for the re ticketing assistance they offer that is oh so helpful when your flights really go south.
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Postby takeshi » Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:20 am

freyj6 wrote:So in my position are there any that might be worth it?

Doesn't sound like it. For your situation you can always just crunch the numbers. The UMPE is worth it to me and my wife but our concerns are entirely different. Always make sure you clarify what would make or beak it specifically for you in your OP with such questions.

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