Surprise! Free checked bag AFTER cancelling AAdvantage card

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Surprise! Free checked bag AFTER cancelling AAdvantage card

Postby kcm7 » Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:13 pm

I cancelled my AAdvantage Platinum Select card several months ago. The last thing I did with it was charge a flight to LA. I took that flight this past week and felt a bit sad heading to the airport, knowing I would no longer get a free checked bag or Group 1 boarding.

But, when I checked in on the kiosk, I found that I (and my traveling companion) got free checked bags AND group 1 boarding.

This doesn't seem right, considering that the card's website says I should NOT be getting these benefits anymore, even though I booked the flight with the card:

First checked bag free
For benefit to apply, the Citi® / AAdvantage® account must be open 7 days prior to air travel AND, reservation must include the primary cardmember's American Airlines AAdvantage® number 7 days prior to air travel. If your credit card account is closed for any reason, these benefits will be cancelled.

So, nice surprise! Not complaining. Has anyone else experienced this?

-Capital One Quicksilver
-Barclaycard Arrival (no AF)
- US Bank (no rewards)

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