Deception or outright fraud?

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Deception or outright fraud?

Postby bonobojean » Sat Aug 23, 2014 2:44 pm

Recently I went to use my Chase Ultimate Rewards for a flight. I wanted to maximize my purchasing power by taking advantage of the 20% point discount when booking online with Ultimate Rewards. Taking advantage is correct but instead, it was I who was taken advantage of. :money:

I did a flight search on UR and found two round trip tickets on Philippine Airlines for all my points (176,000) plus $1350 OR $3505 Cash.

I then went to Kayak and found the very same identical in all ways but price for $2526.

PA listed the same identical in all ways ticket for $2756.

I called Chase who sent me to UR and I spoke with a 'supervisor' who told me that I did indeed realize a 20% discount on points; that UR receives no compensation at all and that they base their rates on the (highest) published rate of the day. That their search does not look for the lowest rate. That is the same smoke as saying a shirt that was $140 is now reduced to $25 clearance price (which still turns a profit). Aren't I lucky???

He explained that by using my points I received a 20% discount. However, he had nothing to say when I asked him how paying a $1000+ more for booking with UR was a discount. He said I didn't understand. Tried another approach of deception but failed miserably again.

So, I called Chase back again. Spoke with a supervisor. Said I wanted to file a complaint. Said they would elevate my complaint but I might never hear anything back since they normally do not followup even if requested.

Is this just Chase or is this par for all the credit card reward programs????

Isn't there a law about this sort of thing.

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