Experian and Equifax playing with people's credit scores!!!

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Experian and Equifax playing with people's credit scores!!!

Postby cashinout » Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:10 pm

Here is my grip my credit score was 701 from Experian and today i get a notice from myfico that the score has changed. So checked it and its dropped 7 points because my chase sapphire preferred prev reported a zero balance now shows a 37.00 balance yes thats the amount 37.00 bucks. So it says sent 5% being utilized caused the score to drop how is it that this card has a 8000.00 limit and it reports 37.00 and that causes my score to drop 7 points all of my other accounts have zero balances the only reason i let this report is because people stated that its good to let something report so i figured pay off all but the 37.00. is this normal and is it right for them to drop a score like that when the limit on the card is 8000 and the balance reported is 37.00 come on thats crazy. :mad:
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