Starting new credit score!

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Starting new credit score!

Postby gothan10011 » Fri Apr 25, 2014 2:46 am

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share with you my plan to quickly end up being approved for a prime credit card (as of today CSP is my goal).

Just got my SSN and I was planning on doing this, let me know if you think I am wrong!

Step 1/ Apply for a secured WF CC with $750 deposit
Step 2/ Apply for Discover It CC knowing I'll get denied and hopping they offer me the secured version
Step 3/ Apply for a department store CC.

Step 4/ Wait 8/12 months and trying a regular Amex charge card

I plan to use my secure CC for everyday purchases (which is around $750 a month) and pay in full (obviously I don't wanna pay interest on my own money!).

I have 2 questions though..

- Does CC companies treat a CC that shows up as a "secured" on my credit report as not good as a real credit card?
The reason why I want the DiscoverIt is because it shown is a regular CC, plus rewards program and no annual fee!

- If I decide to apply for department store CC, should I go Macy's? Don't want to be annoying but I am more Barney's. Do they have the same requirement or Macy's is def easier?

I have a friend who tried the Secured from BofA and it doesn't really sound cool to me, that's why I wanted to go WF along with a new checking account.

I also don't want to do any business with Capital One.
I know they easily give $300 or $500 CL but apparently it NEVER increase, their credit card for "newcomers" is really ugly, I'd rather pay with my debit card honestly. Plus $500 won't be enough for monthly groceries, restaurants...

Should I do it anyway just to have credit available? I wanted to have 3 hard inquiry MAX before trying prime land!

Thanks for your help!

I have been reading this forum a lot before I actually got my SSN!


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